Louisa Nicola better known as ‘The Diamond Boss’ is an admired and well-respected female figure in the speaking world having presented at many high profile events across the country. Throughout her colourful career, the sassy sales-woman, mathematician and former Australian triathlete has launched her own peak performance coaching company- Neuro Athletics which focuses on the mental and brain performance of athletes. Louisa’s passion for being an elite in any area of your life has caused her to obsess over what makes the difference between successful people and non-successful people. Louisa’s presentations are highly motivational, engaging, comical and intelligent. She will ensure that everyone is left feeling inspired, challenged and empowered.


1. Three Pillars of Elite: Neurology, Physiology and Mindset

This story delves into the three pillars of success as defined by my point of view.

I share the insights into my numerous case studies with elite athletes, the US military and ice addicts.

2. Diamondology: Getting your employees to think like an athlete

I believe that a person does’nt have the power to change an organisation until they truly know who they are.

This keynote goes in depth with outlining the most important aspects one must apply when wanting to thrive in a high performance culture.

3. Change Your Brain, Change Your Game

Cutting edge science meets my rant on the current state of human performance in 2017.

If you want to achieve anything in life you have to be willing to change your brain. In this keynote I show you how!


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