UNDERSTAND YOUR BRAIN! Neuro comes first. When you have a road block, decision that you need to make our even a creative project, you cannot achieve any of these at a high level without putting your Neuro first.

The EEG is a way to measure electrical activity in your brain. Your brain is electric. Every thought you think, every emotion you feel, and every sensation you have is due to the electrical firing of neurons. QEEG “Brain Mapping” is an assessment tool that provides an evidence base to guide your individualized training needs. The EEG shows us the brain activity and the coordination of activity of the cortex – the outermost layer of the brain.

Quantitative EEG assessment records EEG from multiple scalp electrodes, under eyes open, eyes closed, and task conditions. The process is painless, and takes about 90 minutes from start to finish, depending on task conditions you participate in.

EEG can be used in many ways. in clinical QEEG, your recording is compared to a database of thousands of “typical” brains. All QEEG recordings are inspected to rule out dramatic pathology, and identify patterns that diverge from typical. The QEEG produces map that shows how your brain may be unusual across EEG frequencies (speed, power, and distribution), connectivity patterns, how your brain changes state and performs under task.  It can show areas of the brain where there is too little or too much activity. It can also show when areas of the brain are not coordinating their activity properly. By studying the EEG in 19 areas of your brain, we are often able to see the reason for your struggles. And once we can see it, we can target it for change with neurofeedback.

This information helps identify functional issues and helps target your goals for improved brain performance.