We specialise in:


One on One Coaching 


Group coaching 

Our Signature 4 week program: ‘Champion Experience’


2 x one on one face to face coaching session with Louisa
1 x group physical challenge
4 x 2 hour face to face workshops
Private Facebook group
3 x weekly Facebook check in’s
1 x Diamond Boss workbook
1 x online shared document for weekly action items


What you will get from this experience: 


A woman only has the power to change the world when she truly knows who she is and this all starts here. The aim of this course is to understand your version of success and how to achieve it. By the end of this 4 week intensive course you will have the following:

  • Have bulletproof clarity on the life you want to live
  • Learn and understand the 4 key elements our life mastery through TDB methodologies
  • Understand the patterns in your behaviour that are holding you back
  • Have a sound roadmap for achieving your goals

Diamond Boss Coaching: WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?

What can you expect from The Diamond Boss (TDB) coaching experience? The Diamond Boss coaches have a well-developed sense of the challenges that women face in their daily lives which allows them to design and construct training for you that breakthrough your limitations in the right ways. Your personalised coaching programs will not only catapult you into the direction you desire, but also build you to a position of ultimate power.

The Diamond Boss coaches have the skills and talent to use their intuition to understand your physical and mental limits. Just like the best Olympic sports coaches, TDB coaches get to know you so they can train in a way where you are prepared for every challenge that comes your way in the future.

You will learn how to develop yourself and be the best in your game and get their faster than your competitors so you can be the woman of your dreams. Your coach is a proven expert when it comes to lifelong learning, elite mindset strategies and prides herself on the values of rigorous 360 degree feedback analysis’ and evaluation. So every move you make within your course is documented to provide you with all of the progression that you are doing on a daily basis.

Access to the Diamond Boss community is what sets apart a superior Diamond Boss coach from the rest. There no experience like this on the market therefore the Diamond Equation philosophy tripled with the exclusive live events and group workshops is why we are what we are today. We know that women learn best by experience and actually putting the strategies to use physically and emotionally thats why you get access to all three stages of the program; One on One, group workshops and live events.

The Diamond Boss experiences will help you create a culture of peak performance and excellence for every aspect of life. You will be pushed and held accountable to be the woman that you have desired for so many yeas. You will be achieving small bite sized challenges throughout the course to get you to your ultimate goal.

By optimising your life step-by-step, your skilled coach will notice who you are deep at your core to understand how to best work with you so you can grow and develop in a unique way that sets you apart from the rest of the world.

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself right now and rip the bandaid off, it’s time to get started with the ‘Champion Experience’ program to catapult your dreams and your life.